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The Secret to it all!

Spoken by George L. Pike Sr, during a sermon in the 70’s.

" This is my conviction, that everything, no matter what it is, concerning God, concerning the world, or concerning life in general, that everything summed up in a nutshell, is One thing, and that is A STATE OF MIND! It is a State of Mind that we get in that determines, our way of Life, and determines what we ought to be, whether in this Present Life, or in the World to come".
From "The Right Frame of Mind" Sermon.

The Secret to Faith is, " As a man thinks in his Heart so He is".

Then "The Faith of Jesus Christ", which is "The Kingdom of God", will develop in your heart and then you will have power to do what you have always wanted to do!
"When you come to the Calvary of your life, then that Faith comes"!

"Faith does not consider circumstances"!

How does one know when The Faith has come into their heart? There will be no more condemnation!


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