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The Blessing or the Curse

The Blessing or the Curse

In many of my writings as of late a number of very foreign and strange thoughts have come forth that deals with the unraveling, or the revealing of Calvary and the life of Jesus Christ who though He was and is the Light of the World by His own confession We see He was also “made Sin” and Darkness covered the Hill of Golgotha at His Judgment which was in all reality for the Sins of the whole world, yet for us He became and was “Made Sin” itself! So we see He is both Light and Darkness, and He was the Righteousness of God as well as He became the Sin that God turned His back upon as God cannot look upon Sin. Now we know God is Truth so if He had looked upon the Sin Jesus had become would it have meant that it was His Sin? Did by God not looking upon Sin mean it was not true that it was not His Sin. Was the Judgment that came upon Jesus there at the Cross God? If God cannot look upon Sin then what was it that came upon Jesus when He cried, “My God, My God, Why hast thou forsaken me”? The Bible says God tasted death for everyman, and that He who has power over death is Satan, so what does all this mean? Revelation is like a diamond, so very valuable and with many different facets and dimensions, and yet all of these dimensions are a part or a reflection of the self same image yet just seen from a different perspective(s).  There is so much that has been said, yet so much more can be said of the endless revelations of Calvary. I want to take another look at The Law of you will and see the blessing and the curse that it offers and why it had both. What does this mean for us today and what role does it play pertaining to Salvation and to The Cross of Calvary.

Now we know that the Bible says the Law is just and holy. We also know it says the Law is for the Lawless. Now we know according to the Book of Deuteronomy that there is a blessing and a curse of this Law that was given of Moses. Now we know that though Moses did receive this Law there on the Mount that burned black with smoke as God came down and with His Finger He gave the commandments written in Stone. But from the beginning there was a Law of sorts already put into place, when The Lord said to Adam and Eve, “In the Day thou eatest of the Tree that shalt surely Die” and commanded them to NOT eat of this tree. Thus the 1st commandment was to not eat of the Tree of Knowledge, and a Judgment was given as well, that you will surely die. Now the Law was not evil in doing this, nor was its punishment. The Law in this story was a protector, for Adam and Eve being like Children were told to not partake of the Tree as there was a hidden danger to it. Now they had no idea what breaking a commandment was, no idea about what death was, no idea what made this Tree any different than the rest of the trees except that there is something to this Tree because we are told to not eat of it that we shall die, but what is death? Now the Tree was one that produced Knowledge, and the only knowledge it could bring was one of Good and Evil for no matter what they might have known as to knowledge from you the readers standpoint it was neither good or evil to them for it had not yet been revealed yet as to what was good and what was evil. It would be impossible to reveal one without automatically revealing the other. The manifesting of one automatically reveals the other as well.  So we see here that God has placed a Tree in the Garden and then He has sparked curiosity over the Tree by saying do not eat of it, and even gave the first comparison of sorts as to a revealing of Life and Death by saying if you eat of it you shall die, where as of yet there was no such thing as death anywhere. Now having said this, it also lets us know that Death was not God’s doing, it was a result of an act of disobedience by the act of one’s sovereignty and breaking the commandment given. SO death is a result of not following God and was not brought about by God at all.  We can see already the curse of the Law by the penalty of death. God also said the Soul that Sins’ shall surely die. So God is Life and His Word is to be trusted and He is Truth, so the only thing that can come about by disobedience to God is Unbelief, Sin and Death, Since He is Truth and Life. So anything as to a Word that is a commandment and a Law from God can only be God, as to His perfect attributes.

Now come with me and imagine if you will an arrow that points downward and beside it is an arrow that points upward and you will catch a glimpse of what I am about to see.  The Law is what brought about knowledge of intellectual desire called Good and Evil. This is what revealed or brought about “Lust” as to desiring the Tree in the 1st place. Lust said, in the day you shall eat of this tree you shall be as God and know good and evil. The way that appeared to be life was unto death. This is the attraction of the cross, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me”, and again, “unless you eat of my flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you”, and again, No man comes to the Father (God) unless through me”. If you partake of this Cross and this Tree called Calvary, then you shall be like God and know good and evil. The 1st thing that happens when you partake of Calvary is this, you must die!! Paul said I die daily. Jesus said, unless you take up your cross and follow me, you cannot be my disciple. So what the down arrow represents is the power of the Law to bring about condemnation which is the Fall from Grace, in that as Paul the Apostle said, I was alive once, till the Law came, but when it came it revealed Sin in my flesh and condemned sin in my flesh and then by that condemnation it killed my faith and I died! To disobey the Law is too receive the curse of the Law and the curse is one unto judgment that says in the day you eat of your Tree of Knowledge which was The Law you shall Die! Lean not to your own understanding, but trust in the Lord with all of your heart.  You at one time in light but did not know you was in light, till you was cast out into darkness of sin by the law, in that the law is just and Holy and it was your own sovereign decision of disobedience that cast you down in the first place and it was meant to cast you down, it is the “circle of life”.

Now once you have died as Paul said, then you are dead by the unction of The Law and you are dead. Paul said He died! Do you see the two covering cherubim as one is Life and one as death and one as good and one as evil and one as male and one as female, one as light and one as darkness, one as the curse of condemnation and one is grace unto life, thus Law and Grace.  It is the male father with the law and rod of Aaron and the stones that places the hidden manna of his seed into the pot of the female which is Grace that carries the “hidden man of the heart”.

Grace is the love of a savior where you go beyond the veil and mate with your husband to receive the Blessing of The Law, His seed of Life from the Tree of Life. Your outer man partook of fruit of a Tree of Knowledge that appeared life but brought death, this was the curse of the Law, which was brought about in Moses time but manifested at the death of Jesus on the Cross, This was the fallen Cherubim typical of Lucifer, then we see the blood the Son placed upon the mercy seat which was between the Cherubim showing the coffin like Ark where the dead souls are hidden and the Levitical Priesthood carry the Holy Seed under the bloody Altar and are given white robes by sanctification of the blood. Now we see the other Cherubim which was symbolic of Elijah and the raptured Saints which denotes the resurrection of Jesus Christ but manifest in the Ministry of Rev. George Leon Pike who brought forth the Birthing of The Manchild which means the rending of the vaginal veil at the birth of the manchild as the many membered bodies come forth from the womb (tomb) of the woman who was underneath the blood and is caught up to the Arms of The Father (Heaven) from which they came to rule with a rod of Iron. Now they have the blessing of the Law, which is the Righteousness of God by the Faith of Jesus Christ which they discovered underneath the Altar of Calvary where the wrath of God fell to purge the blood life of the sins of the world, as the whole world was blanketed in this blood and it was grace for a time but wrath as well as the darkness came and Hell opened up its mouth to receive the seed of the serpent, but some were given white robes as they were seed of God and they alone came forth leaving the other behind to be cast out of the bloody hellish lustful vaginal world of the graceful temporary life of the woman by her renewing her issue of blood after the birth to the casting into the eternal lake of fire.. So we see according to your faith, you execute yourself to death by God’s Word and by faith you receive the blessing of the Law in a glorious resurrection by Faith in God’s Word!

Some were the seed of Cain some were of Seth, Abel was the sacrifice needed to deceive and trap the seed of the serpent and to sanctify and justify the True Children of God. In another type as the story says, 99 safe in the fold but he went to seek and save the one lost, we see the many seeds there inside the woman but only one egg, and only one seed will make it to that egg and they shall and are one. One Spirit, One Body, for the woman was one with the man in the beginning. The child is Male and Female, yet neither for when they are one then they are a New Creature in Christ, A Man Child who is the innocence of a babe,(grace) being pure in heart, yet the authority of the Man (Law), in a type his outer is the man ruling with a serpentine law, while the inner woman who has become one inside her husband is the sinless (no serpent) woman of paradise. So many dimensions to see and each one reveals another part of the puzzle yet they all agree in one.

Now here is the most unique part of this all.  Did you know when you accept the penalty of the Law that this is when in great humility you receive the serpentine Law into the secret places of your heart and though it appears to death it is really a path unto life for it was for your good that all of this came about in the 1st place. In the act of repentance the rending of the veil of your heart the Stones (Law), seasoned with Grace (Mercy) and gives entrance into which Aarons Rod (Grace)that budded enters into the Holy of Holies and receives the blessing of the Law which was the seed of Christ. By accepting the Law (Body of Jesus) as is required by Law for a sacrifice of sin, then your sins go before you to the throne to be judged in Grace and you receive the Righteousness of The Law which is The Kingdom of God, The Faith of Jesus Christ!

According to your faith this day, choose the Blessing or the Curse, or do we choose both. God Bless! Amen!


Comments on: "The Blessing or the Curse" (2)

  1. Lucena Fontelera Cacho said:

    This message is a great encouragement and I thank you for your insights. I’m becoming mature spiritually and it is a blessing. God bless you!

    • Thank You so very much! Just knowing it has done something for you is an inspiration to me as well. The Lord loves us so much and all glory goes to him as He is the one who gives to all men Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. God Bless You is my Prayer.

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