Holiness Unto The Lord

The Fall

The Fall

I am speaking on many different dimensions in this and my other writings and hoping to lay some ground work and a foundation so you can begin to grasp the mystery of God. I will try to speak much more plainer using plainness of speech in this writing. I don’t usually do this because I want to leave something to the imagination so to speak so when your eyes come open to these great revelations it will strike your heart in a deep profound way that will change you forever more.
Leviathan is this fleshly body we dwell in, this unruly flesh, it will be redeemed.
Lucifer is the “Evil” angel that dwells in our outer man that makes Leviathan so unruly, The Bible speaks of the tongue, an unruly evil, who can control it, yet it says a perfect man can bridle it, which means control it.  We know only Christ is perfect. His spirit and faith is the only one that can control it.
Lucifer was the spirit that was before God and God said, Who can I send who will go for me, and Lucifer spoke up and Said, I will go…God said, How will you go?, He said, “I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all these prophets”. Do you remember Jesus saying, “All that came before me, were thieves and liars”? The spirit (Lucifer) fell to this world, but had to have a body to dwell in, this was when Leviathan came into the picture! The body for Lucifer to dwell in. The Serpent in the Garden.
There had to be a darkness to fulfill the will of God so God could be revealed. For God is light as to what we read. But did not God say, Let there be light? So God was darkness before he was light and we see how that Lucifer which means Light was the revealer of God the darkness. But Light is always seen as good and Evil as darkness, but in this other dimension we see it is reversed, not that one is evil or good in that sense but that the roles they played were changed and it all had to be this way and it all was according to mans faith! Faith becomes the deciding factor! In the carnal mind we are seeing the exact opposite.
God used mans faith as a place of division in the garden, then at Calvary used mans faith again to bridge that division and end the division and that which was separated for godly purposes in the garden was brought back together as one at Calvary.
If God is good, then how do we know he is good when or if there is nothing to define what good is?
Only evil can do this. What can reveal perfect faith but perfect unbelief, which is called Sin?
How can sin exist, if there is only good, but no one knows this good having nothing to define it?
So God, who is light, allowed a deception (a Lie) to come about in the garden and Adams and Eves faith believed a lie instead of truth and partook of the tree of knowledge and in that God day, they died!
But their Faith turned truth (God) into a lie (Evil) by unbelief which is faith in reverse, and sin became existent by this act of unbelief. Thus now evil had become existent. Once it had run its course and God was revealed, God then sent the man Christ Jesus and by His perfect Faith paid the price for the sin in the garden and believed the truth and not the lie, thus unbelief was changed back to pure Faith and Lie was changed back to truth and Evil was brought back together in a oneness with Good and they became one again, the same way Adam and Eve were one in the beginning, He called THEM Adam and Eve was inside of Adam to begin with before a rent veil had taken place. So Jesus partook of the Tree of Life and eliminated Evil and Sin once and for all!
God who had veiled himself in darkness in the garden, was now at the cross, the veil was rent in two as Light or God was released. He was Born Again! The serpent went into the veil of the cocoon in the garden and at Calvary out came the butterfly! We know a Son of God is nothing more than God, in another form, he is God! So if Adam was a Son of God in the garden and Jesus was the Son of God at Calvary then we see it was all God working everything after the counsel of His own Will! Can good or evil come to a city that He has not sent it? Did God not say that He forms the light and creates the darkness?
I hope this clears things up, just a little! God Bless




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