Holiness Unto The Lord



The Law was brought for the purpose to form the woman, typical of the Jews. once formed God brought forth the serpent and placed it inside the woman, he rent the vaginal veil and by using the Levitical priesthood – Leviathan serpent priesthood – and the stones, he entered into the Holy of Holies as a great High Priest and put the blood cell or seed (Pillar of Cloud) veiled by the blood cell of the woman on the ark of the covenant mercy seat. Typical of Satan entering into the Holy of Holies, the place he ought not, but grace came to allow the two to grow together, the seed was formed into the child, and by the sleepy womb (tomb) of death in the fullness of time, the veil was rent in twain again as the casting out of Lucifer and the child was born. The ascension into heaven the child caught up to the Throne. The woman was God for a time, while His Holy Seed remained in her. But it was Lucifer in the Temple of God showing Himself as God only because he carried the seed of God, as to the Levites (pallbearers) toting the Ark (Coffin) as to death and the Tree of Knowledge, the woman as to the body, but inside the Ark was the Tree of Life as to the ManChild! Now the woman has realized she was just the carrier and was not God as to Lucifer and now was cast out, but her only hope is to find forgiveness and to be adopted back into the family to have the real inheritance! The woman came forth from the man, the child came forth from the woman, thus they are all part of and are one with the man, they are just an extension of Him own self! Like the telescope that is extended to 3 parts for a purpose, now they will be brought back together as one. Through the Law, The Body will be adopted back the same as to the Jews, God will redeem them. Job said In My Flesh I will see God! Speaking of the day of resurrection! The body when it is laid down in the grave is a seed, but when it is called from the grave, it will be raised a Spiritual Body! The same body of flesh, changed into a Spirit Body. It is and will be Leviathan bridled by the Law! The great serpent of the deep that causes it to boil like a pot as to the people being liken unto waters. It got unruly because the inspiration from the seed of God that it carried caused it to think it was God and was allowed to be for a season. But the Law was to bring it back into subjection and placed at the feet of the children of God! See those that say there is another body they miss this whole revelation that continues to grow and unfold and brings this very body of death (the ark or coffin carried by the pall bearers levites) that it carries the very God of gods inside of it for behold it is the very temple of God itself and who can approach this great Leviathan as Job said, lay a hand on him and you will never do it again (Jesus said touch me not) (touch not the ark) Oh Glory to God, that which was thought evil has served its purpose, and now the spirit who went for God to be a lying spirit must be redeemed back, that body it used to deceive the people so that a veil could come between man and God that an invisible Union could take place between a God, an eternal God and His bride! The great serpent Leviathan has served his purpose and now will be redeemed; Lucifer (Light) that was flung from the dark loins of God as a cloud by day and mixed with the pillar of fire blood cell of the woman (dark) must now be brought back to a oneness with God, since all things are within Him! Nothing is outside of Him. All of it was and is God! In another form, and Jesus redeemed it all back to God, This Leviathan, Lucifer, the fallen image, the fallen down house of David…Oh My the whole world wonders after the beast that hung upon the cross! Today they still worship that which was trapped in that beast, but we don’t have to come to the beast for Life anymore, the blood was not for us, we were children of God before the eternities rolled! So why did he come, to redeem that which was lost, that which was cast out from the loins of God, that which was made sin so that sin might appear ugly and evil. The Left hand of God! That no one dared to look upon! Pierced (the piercing serpent) whose head was bruised! A Christ that redeemed a fallen Jesus! We are learning to bridle this leviathan as our faces begin to glow and our bodies begin to shine with glory the same glory upon the Mount of Transfiguration! We are about to saddle up and ride this leviathan and come back to appear to all men! A Love so great! Redemption so powerful! Forgiveness so eternal! You must walk among the stones of fire to even behold this glory. Evil being changed by Faith from darkness to Light, Lie is being changed by faith and forgiveness back into truth, the Word that was made flesh is turning the flesh back into Word, The Jew that was cast out at Calvary is being returned unto! The mountain that was on fire is being cast into the Earth upon the people as Leviathan is loosed from his place of bondage to torment the children of Satan as the great Tribulation is about to begin! See the Chinese


Olympics showed the giant footsteps walking across the great city till it took its place upon the Nest of the stars and all of these Earthquakes showing that Lucifer the Light bearer is riding upon Leviathan (This Flesh) and is coming forth from the ocean (people) to conquer them with great wrath! The Light and darkness were one in the beginning and only separated for a time and season, but now they are being brought back together as one! There are those who say they are light and despise the darkness, there are those who say they are darkness and despise the light, then there are those who realize it was all God and take both Light and Darkness as the two pillars that hold up the temple of God, They are Spirit and Flesh, Spirit and Body, Spirit Body and they as a mighty Man-Child pull them down to join them together as one in a thunder of marriage and redemption. Bro Pike said Redemption by Judgement! The Law of Adoption! We are the Woman on the beast with the 10 crowns on the head as to the Law, we are the dreaded wrath of God to the people! We are the ones who bring on the great tribulation as the Earth is rocking back and forth even now as the Great Leviathan is awakening out of His sleep (death) and is being resurrected for Judgement to the people to be loosed upon them! See the image before the light caused a shadow so appeared to be darkness because you was behind it viewing it from behind, but once you come in front as to this side of Calvary you see the image clearly in the light and the shadow is behind them as to Satan and once the image becomes one with the light like transparent glass that light passes through, the shadow disappears, Satan is destroyed but Lucifer and leviathan are redeemed! Praise God We was both Good and Evil, Light and Darkness we had to use them both to reveal our true image! Now Light and Dark are done away as they recede back within the image for they are no longer needed, and Bro Pike said the types and allegories will be taken away as the steps for the children to come in will be gone for they will be all inside the house (Image). This is happening now as these other so called men preach an uncertain sound about a body that will never come, the body they will see is the leviathan one that will breathe the fire of God upon them as Moses and Elijah, Lucifer and Leviathan with the Jews and the Law bring the fire of God from heaven upon them! Even so come Lord Jesus!….this is an addition to what was said already. They who preach another body will not be able to redeem the true body which has to do and is the flesh body they will become and are already, “disembodied spirits” that dwell in the dry places in the bottomless pit. Those who redeemed this body and have married it have brought heaven back to this Earth and manifested a great millennium World where Jesus Christ rules and reigns!




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