Holiness Unto The Lord

The Origin of Sin

Romans 14:14 – I know, and am persuaded by the Lord Jesus, that there is nothing unclean of itself: but to him that esteemeth any thing to be unclean, to him it is unclean.

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God,” MAT 5:8.

ISA 35:8-9 says, “And a highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called the way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein. No lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go up there on, it shall not be found there; but the redeemed shall walk there.”

Matt 15:19 says, “For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies.”

“to the pure in heart, all things are pure”

I would like to bring about a point if you will of something that many people miss when searching out a way to “better” themselves and they do this when they first start out in their walk toward Christianity. They start looking at the evilness of their own ways and they start measuring themselves by the Word of God which is usually according to the works of the Law that condemned them in the first place and caused them to begin to repent of their sins and go in search of redemption, hope, and forgiveness.
This is very well and a good place to start but I have found that many of them get confused in their search because they see within themselves the nature to still sin even after they repent and try meditating to find the source of this evil within them that is called Sin.
This creates a confusing dilemma of great proportions to truly search this out and find this root within themselves and to pluck it up and rid themselves of such horrid agony. I have been there and want to elaborate on what the Lord has shared with me.

In searching for the origin of Sin most people go all the way back to the Garden where we find a serpent who we are taught is Satan and He has deceived Eve into partaking of a Tree of Knowledge or shall we say a Tree that produces Knowledge as Knowledge is the Fruit it bears.
Many have taught that it was when she partook of this tree that she had sinned and at that point Sin entered into her.

We have to look close and read between the lines so to speak and put all of this under a spiritual microscope if you will for us to get down to the nitty gritty of the matter.

First we have God and He is All Knowing, Ever Present, and All Powerful so we see that nothing could have happened in His Creation that He did not know beforehand was going to happen and even ALLOWED it to happen! You say did God know all this was going to happen? Sure He did or else He could and would not be God. You say well prove this, and I would say The Bible says concerning Jesus Christ that God had already slain Him upon the Cross as a payment for Sins before He even created the World to begin with! So that means for sure He knew it was going to happen and allowed it to happen. Who put the Tree of Knowledge there in the Garden to begin with? God! So we see that the age old story of how Satan really pulled one over on God is not the way we have been told for God knew and allowed what happened in the Garden for a divine purpose.

Next we have the Tree of Knowledge itself, which was placed there in the Garden by God and He told them to not eat of that Tree. Why would God, if He had not wanted them to eat of it, put it there in the 1st place? We as parents know better than that as we don’t put down something bad and in reach of our children and tell them not to eat it because the 1st thing that does is spark their curiosity to go and eat, then when under condemnation and asked if they ate of it, guilt compels them to LIE about it and say NO I didn’t. Do you see all the different anomalies present here in this scene? You have an object of supposed danger, you have it within reach of one’s whom you don’t want to get it, you have the law and commandment to not touch it which in turn sparked curiosity then you have reasoning, then to conception of thought, to the very act of touching when told not too then the guilt of what has been done then the lie when asked if you touched it, then the extra guilt knowing you lied when asked if you touched it.

Next we have the Serpent which as we read in the Word that it “beguiled” Eve and she ate. Now that brings in another element into the picture, “Deception”! And that was in the sense that the Serpent told a Lie to Eve and when he did then she believed the Serpent and partook of the Tree.
So here we have a strange glimpse of Law and Grace, we have God on one side of the tree, with a Law as to a commandment that says Do Not Eat of that Tree or you will be punished, then on the other side you have the Serpent that is saying Oh no don’t believe that, the tree is good to eat and will make you like a god to know good and evil so it is OK to go on and act upon what I have told you. So we see how this was a lot like Grace in that the World has thought they can go on and Sin and still go to heaven that it is ok.

So was the Serpent the origin of Sin? NO for we know that Sin is but one thing according to The Word of God and that is this, “Unbelief”! The Bible says that the Devil believes and trembles, so if it were possible for the devil to Sin then it would be possible for him to be saved, for we understand that the Blood of Jesus atoned for all Sins!

So was the Tree of Knowledge the root of Sin? No! For it was a Tree that produced a Knowledge and Sin is not a knowledge though knowledge does increase the magnitude of Sin and they are very closely intertwined, but see there is a much finer line here between the two, Knowledge and Unbelief.
Now the Bible tells us in Paul’s writings that they changed the Truth into a Lie. I have mentioned this scripture in a lot of my other writings but most people really never fully grasp what that scripture is saying, it is very powerful and can be a key to unlock a lot of mysteries if one can delve further into it. How does one change Truth into a Lie? One Way and One Way only! Unbelief! The deception that was used on Eve was just the tool to open the door for Sin. There is but one thing in the entire Bible that Sins, though Sin is accounted for through the weakness of the Flesh yet that is still not Sin, for the Word of God says that, “The SOUL that SINS, Shall Surely DIE”! Only a living Soul can sin and nothing exist that has a soul but a Human Being! We don’t see animals or Trees or Atoms or the Air or anything else struggle within themselves of what is right and what is wrong! It is a Human Nature and nothing else whatsoever! So was the Serpent the origin of Sin? No! The Tree? No! God? No! So where is the Origin of Sin which is Unbelief?

It is right there inside the heart and soul of the woman called Eve! It was right there in her heart that it was Born! When she chose in her own sovereignty to not listen, honor and obey the Word of God which was Truth, but instead chose to believe the deceptive Lie of The Serpent, the Her Soul which was her own sovereign power of choice and faith and believing, chose to believe the serpent and then proved she believed it by acting upon it, the very split second she decided, made that choice in her heart, Sin was Born right there!

See the human heart is the birth place, and we are all born into Sin because of Eve the Mother of All Living! It would not have mattered had she partook of the tree, suppose Adam had came around and saw her about to partake of the tree if we think of it in a natural way and tried to stop her, and then tried to convince her that she should not do that, she still is of the same opinion still, that it was good for eating because she now believed it was. She believed a Lie.

Did not God say He would send strong delusion and cause people to believe a Lie so that they would be damned? Sure He did. What does this say of what happened in the Garden? She changed the truth by her faith in reverse (Fear) Unbelief, Truth and she took the Truth that God told her and changed it into a Lie by saying what The serpent told me was true so therefore what God told me must have been a Lie, though what God told her was the Truth, but what became Truth to her was what she believed. And so it is today, According to Your Faith, So be it unto you! You are born with the nature to disbelieve the Word of God and when Adam listened to Eve as He was a Son of God then we see how that God veiled Himself in Darkness as when Adam partook of that same Tree, He followed His Lovely Bride whom so innocently was deceived like a child and did not punish her for all eternity but went with her to this new awful, dreadful, sinful world to find a way with great love to one day redeem her back and save that which was Lost. Being Adam was the Son of God, which means He was God as all children of God are, can we say or see how that Adam could have known that the Tree was not good to eat and He was the one who told Eve not to eat, and could it have been the weaker side of God (Adam) as Eve was taken from His Side that she was His fleshly weaker side and the serpent that beguiled her was her own mind? You say how can that be? The Bible says we are drawn away by our own lust and when Lust is finished it brings forth Sin. So we see how Lust is the same tool used by the deceiving Serpent as to our flesh that desires things it ought not to desire.

The Bible says in proverbs, “I will feed them the Fruit of their Thoughts”!

It says again, Lean not to your own understanding”, Could this have been what Eve did?


As we have an Inward man and an Outer Man and they are contrary one to another, could this have been the same as to Adam and Eve?
Can you see how Lucifer was cast out of heaven because of rebellion against God being he wanted to be God? Can you see how the Serpent told Eve she would be like God if she would partake of the Tree? Can you hear God saying, “Now they have become as one of us, to know good and evil and now nothing shall be hidden from them”?
As Lucifer was cast out, so were Adam and Eve cast out of the Garden. So is it possible this multidimensional Story was really just one story told in a myriad of different perspectives as to veil it for a time? Is this a much bigger picture of the Story of God and His fleshly Bride called Jesus? Is all this possibly the Story of the journey of the Children of God as they fell from heaven to this World?
Not that they fell from a place up above the clouds to this natural planet we call Earth, but that they were in one perfect state of eternal existence and fell to an imperfect, deceiving, sinful world or state of being. That they were of one nature at one time but like a baby needed to be processed to come to know who they were and where they came from. If being images of light they had to come to know darkness first to understand and see themselves. Or in another dimension they were darkness as to being like children and not knowing who they were and were cast out of the unknown Home they were in and were made light as to reveal themselves so that they will come to know who they are.
Much more of this can be understood further by reading my other notes, Called Light and Darkness and the ones concerning Lucifer.
We have within us an inward Spirit which is God, and we have an Outer Spirit in our Flesh called Lucifer, and in between the two lies another entity, called the Soul, It is a place of knowledge called Good and Evil, and it is unformed and darkness is upon the face of its deep, and God continually cries out Let there be Light, and Lucifer says continually partake of my mind and you shall be as God and according to the Faith of that soul will be decided its eternal destiny! You will be born again by listening to the Word of God in your inner man, and become Christ and be no longer a living soul but become a quickening Spirit and The Faith of Jesus Christ will be birthed into your heart and the Lie you were by faith and forgiveness will be changed back from a Lie to Truth….Or You will continue to die by listening to the evil voice of Lucifer and the more you Sin the more you die and God who cannot look upon Sin is departing from you because at the death of the Soul the Spirit goes back to God who gave it and you become the sinful soul which is Satan Himself and from your mouth and hell within you comes the Gates to Hell and demons are in your every word. But being born again you have the Kingdom of God within and from your bowels of compassion comes God and you are the Gate to heaven and your words quench the fires of Hell within those that perish and the Bible says Loves covers a multitude of Sin and it says again that He that winneth Souls is Wise!
Who is to blame for your condition of Life? YOU ARE! Decide this day whom your will serve!
Choose this day the blessing (God) or the Curse (Satan)
I pray you make the right decision, Do not blame others for your life’s circumstances, as Adam and Eve did, you are the deciding factor, you choose who you will be and who you will become!


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