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The Revelation of Jesus Christ (A Song for The Lamb)

It’s The Revelation of Jesus Christ
It’s the coming of The King
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
All Ye Saints now sing
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Our Messiah has appeared
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
The Mind of God is here!
final chorus – add- Our Messiah has appeared, Jesus Christ is Here!
1. Out of darkness comes the light
Out of Innocence comes wisdom bright,
Revealing Mysteries till the end,
From before the world began!
2. The Truth of all the ages
That was hidden from the sages,
Now made known to the Saints in Light
Death is gone, we can never die!
3. The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation
It reveals all of creation,
Opens the eyes, removes the veil
The Word of God is now revealed!
4. The Wisdom of God is now made known
The heart is flesh, no more stone,
We understand we no longer sin
We have Life, that has no end!
5. The Faith of Jesus Christ
Cause those asleep to now arise,
Chains of death now fall away
Glory to God it’s Resurrection Day!
(Final Chorus with addition)

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