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The Dawning of Spiritual Conquest By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

 Read It Here! Welcome to the most amazing supernatural knowledge to ever grace the heart of mankind! This is sacred, holy, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding as well as much revelation! And much of it might not be understood unless you are privy to the people, places, or events mentioned. This book is not for the weak minded or small in faith, but it is full of the meat of the Word which is for the strongest of the strong, those who have exercised their senses thereby. Only the elect can and will receive the writings herein. This book can and will wreck the faith of the unlearned and can damn a person to hell if not taken in the right way. This is truly as The Ark of the Covenant. You have been warned! Read prayerfully and carefully. These pages are only scanned for now to be shared and read, but in time I am working on an OCR, and a typed version, which can be researched and studied by electronic means. I have uploaded these scanned pages in a number of formats. Microsoft Word 2007, 97 – 2003, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Web form of HTML. If you know someone who has the time to type this book into the computer then let me know so I can receive a copy for studying and word research. Thank You!

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