Holiness Unto The Lord

Inspirational Vibrations


Bro George Pike taught a rare sermon called “Inspirational Vibrations” and in that sermon he goes into great detail and explains a great mystery and reveals a great secret concerning “The Change of The Body”!

We remember how Brother Branham spoke on Vibrations as the Angel told him he would detect various diseases and sicknesses.

“Detecting the type of ailment of those coming to him is another power claimed by Rev. Branham. ‘When they put their hand in my left band, I receive vibrations caused by the germs in the person. I can usually tell what the disease is. When the disease leaves the person, the vibrations stop,’ he stated. When Rev. Branham completes a prayer for a person, he usually finishes by saying, ‘I adjure thee by Jesus Christ, leave this person.’

Now it was interesting that William Branham said it was his Left Hand, and He represented the Body of the Lord.

The Spirit is of one level of Vibration, the Flesh is of another Vibration.

Inspiration is one vibration – God

The Word is another vibration – The Word

The Inspiration of God which is He Himself utters a Word…”Let There Be” and the Words spoken become a veil and a way of communication and a way of being a carrier (The Ark of the Covenant) which is a Holy object, but what makes it holy is the items inside of it. The two tables of Stone with the Law of Moses, Aaron’s Rod that budded and that Moses held and worked mighty miracles…is it not strange that it was called, “Aaron’s Rod” back to the Levites back to Leviathan. But Moses wielded it with incredible power!

So we see Inspiration has a great effect upon vibrations as God used the vibrations as to a Word that would help us to understand who he is and communicate with us. So catch a glimpse of what is meant by the Apostle John when he said, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God! Now view this as the Inspiration is God the Male part if you will and the Word part as the Female that has come from God as Light came from within the darkness, as Eve came from Adam.

Now lets take a look for a second about vibrations and what they are about and why they matter.

“ADEPTS TELL US that all forms have their own rate of vibration; that each man or woman born into this physical universe has his or her own dominant and characteristic keynote, sound, and colour, this making up, together with the other vibratory notes, the chord, or mass vibration of the aura. This aura, or individual atmosphere, is made up of life atoms in which many varieties and types of vibration are latent. In every person one particular rate of vibration is dominant, one class of these life atoms more immediately operative than others. In order to know these various rates of vibration in one’s aura, and therefore the chord to which the individual is keyed, one must have raised the consciousness from the personal self to that of the Divine Self within. Dr. Anna Kingsford speaks of vibration as being centripetal and centrifugal; that is, moving towards the centre and moving from the centre; vibrations tending inward, and vibrations tending outward, one being negative the other positive. Now the balance between these two vibrations, the mean between the positive and negative, may be called the keynote of an individual, or what astrologers term the “Polarity.”

There have been and are a lot of Universities doing Studies on the subject of Vibrations.

As we enter this world of vibration it is but a final veil of sorts a final world that encapsulates another world, the World of Reality.

“On a separate note to briefly mention, is that The Body you dwell in is a carrier, like an Ark. It is a great tool in being a channel for the energy and power of the Infinite! There is a mystery of The Body that many have missed! Nothing God done or has made is without a greater purpose than our own human comprehension.

Remember this parable….He leaves the 99 safe in the fold to seek the one that is lost!

The 99 is the Spirit. The one Lost missing part to this great puzzle is This Body! To take it a step further, it is The Body of Jesus Christ! However for us right now and what this means to us and what I am portraying to you it is your Body that is center focused. Vibrations and your body and The Spirit have a great connection that makes them ONE!

The Spirit is of One Level of Vibration! We were Spirit on a higher level of vibration.

Like a Dog Whistle, the Dog can hear this sound but you cannot for it is a different frequency or wavelength. As we also know pertaining to Light that we can see, that there is XRays and Ultraviolet rays of light at opposite ends of the spectrum that our eyes cannot see. Like how you still get sunburned on a cloudy day. Rays of light on a frequency that our eyes cannot see.

Is it not somewhat strange that Light has such a unique dimension to it…..for instance, Air cannot be seen but can be felt only when it moves do we sense its presence, Light as rays cannot enter say your walls of your house or bedroom, yet here you have a window, a solid object, air cannot pass through, but yet because it is transparent then light passes through the glass and heats your home and brightens it up. This is so normal to us that we take such a awesome phenomenon for granted. But we something here, as a “solid” object will not allow light to pass though it can heat up a solid object as to color etc, but when an object becomes empty and void or as we just said, “Transparent” then light passes through with the greatest of ease! Do we see the Soul that sins as a solid object, even further do we see this body as a solid object? What if they become transparent like glass, as it says in Revelations, the Streets of Gold cannot be seen, though they be of Gold, because it says also that it is as Transparent Glass! Gold being symbolic of The Faith which we live and which we walk by becomes transparent glass as we are the Spirit like the Wind and no one can see us as we are mystic sons, spiritual beings, invisible to this world and we walk in another world that is also invisible so how much more the road we walk in the Kingdom we walk in is to be invisible or transparent as we are.

Have you noticed also that Light cannot be seen the same way Air cannot be seen, for you actually see the reflection of light or the source of light. Take a flashlight to a dark room and if you could remove the air and the dust particles completely from inside then turn on the flashlight you would never see the “beam” of light, only the source from the flashlight and where it hits on the wall.

Thus we see something even in this as a Genesis Light as to a source that shines through the ages of humanity unseen as a beam till it hits the wall so to speak at the end of the Millennium called the Great Light as to a Manifestation of God. Only by the dust bodies we have dwelled in have we been able to reflect and see this invisible light at all. God behind the Badger Skins. Again with this thought in mind as to light as a source then a beam then a reflection as to it striking the wall we see an Inspiration veiled into a word then a Word that becomes Flesh. This can now show us the reason why it was “The Word” that became Flesh! Why it came as Jesus and why it was rent in twain at Calvary and what stepped out of that Word Veil. Could you believe, if I said, the Word that became Flesh was to be done away with that God was done with this “Word” as to a veil, a shell that the peanut was to grow in and now the peanut is raptured away and the shell is thrown away as to the Intellectual Concept of God as God has used the Carnal Intellectual Mind of darkness as a Veil or a shell to form the inward image of God or Light. This is why we are at The End of The World. This World that God has set in the Hearts of Men as Whatever we think in our heart so we are, then we can clearly see that As a thief in the night how God has slipped into behind the veil of His Children and when the darkness of the carnal mind of men have searched for God outwardly that He was hidden within. We see how with the brightness of His Mind of Light that it eradicates the Mind of Darkness so if a Mind is a World and as we think so we are, then it is for sure a Translation has already taken place and we are truly no longer in this world for He has chosen us Out of the Flesh, and we have our conversations in heaven for we are in Heaven. Now back to the Change.

Let’s say that for an example only that if the Spirit of God is 10,000 vibrations a second, and man is a 1000 vibration a second, then we see a need for a transformer so that power can be reduced so that life can continue for the lesser world of vibration. This was The Word and that Word was made Flesh.

Now we know that, that which separates the Body from the Spirit is the Soul that Sins, or unbelief, and unbelief is Faith in reverse. Truth changed to a Lie. So we see why a constituted “Word” of a certain level of vibration, “called Grace” at Calvary as to a Word and that Word which itself is still a veil for the Inspiration itself was made flesh and crucified upon a cross so that a dark sinful soul of a certain level of vibrations which attracted a positive level of vibrations the same way a magnet attracts steel or metal, we see why God the highest level of positive vibrations and a strong level of “Satanic” Negative vibrations are attracted as to one tries to cancel out the other. Now one side of the Magnet attracts, when if you flip two magnets over they will repel one another till a change of heart comes about as to a repentance. Many different dimensions we can see here but still trying to maintain a certain frame of thought. So A Word level of vibrations is created, creating a 2nd power a 2nd heaven. 1st heaven Body, 2nd Heaven Soul, 3rd heaven God (Spirit). So the Word Veil Vibrations inserted itself through divine projection a positive pathway that crossed over the realm of the Soul Vibrations and became a transformer and a divine connection needed for God to shine into this lower level of vibration.

A person gets sick, we understand all sickness and even Death itself is a result of Sin, which is Unbelief and when the Man of God prays for the person and they lift up their Faith in the “Words” the Minister speaks then God the perfect vibration comes through this Divine Faith and speeds up and corrects the disorder of the unbalanced levels of negative vibrations, Just like having static on a radio until you adjust the knob and pick up the station clearly. Thus the person is healed. Now here is why they still later on got sick and died anyway…..follow me now…”He sent His WORD and healed them” It was still a temporary fix by grace at Calvary to inspire human faith till, “The Faith” should come! We were shut up under the Law, under governors and tutors, till The Faith which was once delivered to The Saints should come! We are hidden under an altar and Calvary is that Altar! It is the second heaven of blood life, it stands between you and God and like an umbilical cord to feed and nourish you till you could be “Birthed” or Born Again! So let’s see an example of what I mean…God – 10,000 Vibrations, Grace – 5000 Vibrations, Flesh 1000 Vibrations. Now we can go alot of different directions at this point and show many types and anti types and show the positive and the negative and reverse them to bring about many more dimensional views. For the sake of time and understanding let’s stay with this thought pattern.

When Calvary (Jesus on the Cross) is done away with, when this Blood comes off the Mercy Seat, When Jesus is taken off the Cross of your Life, when you come to “The Faith”, when you come to not only hear but seriously become convicted that you are PERFECT! Then this second heaven will be done away and this God of 10,000 Vibrations a second that has been veiled by this Word Vibration and then that veil is done away as to a rent veil and you no longer need Grace because it is impossible for you to Sin, then those inspirational Vibrations come forth into this Bodily Form of 1000 Vibrations and speed them up to the same level as the 3rd heaven, then this Body vibrating at the same Speed so to speak then you will see the great marriage of The Bride and her husband as the Body and Spirit become literally ONE, One Level of Vibration! The same way you take a single drop of water, fly over the middle of the Ocean, release this single tiny droplet of water into the vast ocean…as quick as that droplets hits the ocean, it is no more….it is now the very Ocean itself! Now I have said all of this as a certain view to plant a seed into your mind, but there is a reason that The Word became Flesh and not just what we have said here.

To briefly give you a glimpse of another dimension…let’s say that The Flesh from the above illustration becomes one with the Word, then we see why The We become Word the same as Christ did and why now that we are no longer Flesh but Word that God said, Heaven and Earth shall pass, but My Word shall not Pass! The Word was God. This is why our Body literally become Word and why it shall never pass away!

Later in writing we shall see, Why a Word was needed in the first place. Why it was the Wife of God! How God used it to become Flesh and WHY! We will see How Lucifer played a major role in all of this. Why the serpent in the Garden, Why the Flesh had to rent in twain. How religion today in a type has become no longer flesh but a religious Word as to become God, as the Word was God, yet they are just a reflection of God as The Word is a Mirror of the True as to the Inspiration is God within that Word.

Inspiration is the Sun, The Word is the Moon (becomes Blood), The Flesh is The Earth (Made from the dust of the earth) The Dry ground He called Earth!

Unbelief is a negative vibration (Satan- Evil) that attracts a positive Vibration (Good) (God) and only the Blood stops the fullness of Light from Striking deep into the fullness of the darkness to eradicate it!

So we see why God hates Evil with a perfect Hatred! Is it not hatred to God, but the Omnipotence of Himself coming into contact with that which is temporal eradicates the temporal. Why when Perfection comes into contact with Imperfection that which is in part is done away! The difference between the Imperfect and the Perfect is the realm of Satan and what we call Evil. Evil is all that is imperfect (The Fallen) but when that which is perfect is come that which is in part is done away!

Now if from a time perspective we se ourselves becoming a redeemed Body, a Word that has or will become Flesh. Then we veil the truth in that Time truly does not exist and only eternity does, so can we see or say that if Word is eternal and then became flesh, then if time does not exist, we see how can A Word become flesh as the Word become indicates a time element? So we see in God, looking at it from His Eyes, we see How that all of, Word and Flesh were all One in the beginning! Separated by Faith in reverse as to unbelief causing an entity of unbelief to come about that would capture lets say a third part of the Stars, climb up between man and God or between the Spirit and The Flesh (Body) and make itself God and drew those Stars of a certain vibration to this world of lesser vibration so the Word had to become Flesh as to have any type of life or existence in this world. We see why in Revelations a 3rd part of everything dies or is destroyed and Why Jesus lived only to be 33 or a 3rd of 100 as to a completeness, why He was smitten on the Cross as to His Body, that part of Him that had become Flesh, driving out Stan or Death from His Flesh and redeeming it back and restoring it as God does The Earth itself! Now that The Faith is Come or The Vibrations we were once part of is now come to speed us back up or redeem us back, for We had to fall for a divine purpose! We had to know Good and Evil to become God. More to Come >>>> Be very Blessed! dspn 🙂


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