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A New Site to post and Share

This is a new venue I am going to try out and I trust it will be a big help to me in spreading what God has shared with me over the years and that it may help others as well to come to know and understand and share, the greatest message of all time, the capstone message, the highest of the high, come and see the translation of the Church of the Living God and the Change of The Body, and understand how death is conquered, we have passed over the Jordan and now as disembodied spirits we are descending from Heaven back to Earth and redeeming and changing this Body! This is the glorification of The Temple of God, as to the reign of Solomon, The Great Restoration of The Earth, The Millennium!

This message was given to Jesus Christ as a revelation of Himself and who He was by God, in God, and through God, and now this same exact message which can only come by and can only be the very Christ Himself has descended from heaven as the great Messenger from Heaven and brought unto us through the great Man of God George Leon Pike Sr and the Ministry of The Revelation of Jesus Christ! Revelations. 1:1 “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him….for the Time is at hand”!

Enjoy, Read, Share, Download and comment on these wonderful, powerful, deep sermons and writings that will deliver you, open your understanding, carry you into realms in God that you have never known, make you eternal, and reveal to you, who you are in God! Be very very Blessed is my prayer to and for you! Daystaronhi!

www.daystaronhi.org, www.transology.info, daystaronhi.weebly.com, daystaronhi.wordpress.com, www.scribd.com\daystaronhi

The Messenger of The Covenat

The Revelation of Jesus Christ



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Talking about The Revelation of Jesus Christ (A Song for The Lamb)


Quote Just wondering if anyone likes this song and I have a tune I done this in, but I cant type it on here. I was hoping to get some feedback from anyone who might have a tune to put with it. Thanks and God Bless!

The Revelation of Jesus Christ (A Song for The Lamb)
It’s The Revelation of Jesus Christ
It’s the coming of The King
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
All Ye Saints now sing
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Our Messiah has appeared
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
The Mind of God is here!
final chorus – add- Our Messiah has appeared, Jesus Christ is Here!
1. Out of darkness comes the light
Out of Innocence comes wisdom bright,
Revealing Mysteries till the end,
From before the world began!
2. The Truth of all the ages
That was hidden from the sages,
Now made known to the Saints in Light
Death is gone, we can never die!
3. The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation
It reveals all of creation,
Opens the eyes, removes the veil
The Word of God is now revealed!
4. The Wisdom of God is now made known
The heart is flesh, no more stone,
We understand we no longer sin
We have Life, that has no end!
5. The Faith of Jesus Christ
Cause those asleep to now arise,
Chains of death now fall away
Glory to God it’s Resurrection Day!
(Final Chorus with addition)

The Secret to it all!

Spoken by George L. Pike Sr, during a sermon in the 70’s.

" This is my conviction, that everything, no matter what it is, concerning God, concerning the world, or concerning life in general, that everything summed up in a nutshell, is One thing, and that is A STATE OF MIND! It is a State of Mind that we get in that determines, our way of Life, and determines what we ought to be, whether in this Present Life, or in the World to come".
From "The Right Frame of Mind" Sermon.

The Secret to Faith is, " As a man thinks in his Heart so He is".

Then "The Faith of Jesus Christ", which is "The Kingdom of God", will develop in your heart and then you will have power to do what you have always wanted to do!
"When you come to the Calvary of your life, then that Faith comes"!

"Faith does not consider circumstances"!

How does one know when The Faith has come into their heart? There will be no more condemnation!

The Dawning of Spiritual Conquest By Rev. George Leon Pike Sr.

 Read It Here! Welcome to the most amazing supernatural knowledge to ever grace the heart of mankind! This is sacred, holy, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding as well as much revelation! And much of it might not be understood unless you are privy to the people, places, or events mentioned. This book is not for the weak minded or small in faith, but it is full of the meat of the Word which is for the strongest of the strong, those who have exercised their senses thereby. Only the elect can and will receive the writings herein. This book can and will wreck the faith of the unlearned and can damn a person to hell if not taken in the right way. This is truly as The Ark of the Covenant. You have been warned! Read prayerfully and carefully. These pages are only scanned for now to be shared and read, but in time I am working on an OCR, and a typed version, which can be researched and studied by electronic means. I have uploaded these scanned pages in a number of formats. Microsoft Word 2007, 97 – 2003, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Web form of HTML. If you know someone who has the time to type this book into the computer then let me know so I can receive a copy for studying and word research. Thank You!

You can email me with questions, comments, and or thoughts at daystaronhi@live.com

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