Holiness Unto The Lord


We have to be “Cast Out” of  the 3rd Heaven (Loins of our Heavenly Father) the Law (two Stones of man) causing us as a seed to pass through the 2nd Heaven which was the Serpent that hung between Heaven and Earth (The stem of the man) Jesus said, “If I be lifted Up” (indicating the erect serpent of man), I will draw all men unto me” (He being the Spiritual male as God, we being the Female as to Humanity) There as we say Peter(As the male Stem is called also) said Lets us make a Tabernacle or a dwelling place for you, He could have said, “See here are 3 angelic beings, let our bodies become your Tabernacles”. But we see that there on the Mt of Transfiguration was the Serpent and the two Stones of man showing the secret organ of the man totally and saying, if you want life you must come through me, receive ye the Holy Ghost! Receive the Seed of God into the vagina of your heart, NOT your head, which means an intellectual conception of God as women do today! The Union between a Husband and His Wife is Holy and Pure and done the way God created it to be! All of this other perverseness in marriage as to the various acts couples do just breeds LUST and not LOVE! It is the Serpent and Eve and it brings about the Spiritual Lust of Cain not the Love of Seth who was of Adam the Son of God, but Cain was the seed of the Serpent! Lust or Love!

The Bible says the Bed of the married is undefiled in all things, yet it also says Inordinate Affection.

Not a sin, but it tends to breed Lust and Not Love and is being symbolic of the Whorish Church and not the Pure Bride of Christ!

So we see here how Moses brought The Law down from the mountain, we see the Israelites worshipping the Calf as to the flesh, God seen them as a Whore and gave them the curse of the Law and not the Righteousness of the Law which was Christ! There was a way that seemed right unto them, but the end thereof was Death!

God had to come into the Flesh first to enter the heart of mankind. Because in the garden he was locked out by the sin and unbelief of the fall. Though He allowed all of this and it ALL was a part of His Divine Plan!

Jacob chose Rachel (Spirit -Gentiles in a type) but He got Leah (Body or the Jews in type) So after He got Leah then He got Rachel, then when Rachel departed, as to the Rapture of The Church, being the Spirit that goes back to God who gave it, the Jacob (God) returns back to Leah (The resurrected Jews).

So again we see how Life had to come through the Serpent…Does not all of creation testify to this?

Sure it does – The Male Stem is referred to a serpent, The Water Hose that brings water to the garden, The Creeks that run all through the country bringing life to it, the lightning striking the earth putting Nitrogen in the Soil, The Electric Wires running underground and above ground bringing electricity, phone, cable TV. and internet to our homes! The umbilical cord of the woman with child, and on and on we see things that appear to be in the form of a serpent bringing Life in some form to humanity!

Have you ever considered a funeral procession?

In another dimension watch this….We always have “The Law” at the head of every procession, the we have the Hearse (Head) and then we have the many membered body (Serpent) winding down the road to the Grave Site which is a Hole, (A place where serpents live) and then they put over that Hole the Dirt (Dust you are to Dust you shall return) Then they place a Tomb (Womb) Stone which is typical of the Stones that Moses brought the Law to the Children of Israel too, having on it the Laws etched into them by the Finger of God Himself, and here we have the names of our loved ones “Etched” in Stone also, as if to say, Still up under the Law, still Death, Still Sin thus they die! Do you see the serpent winding down the road to be put into the Hole being led by the Law! Do you now see all of creation testifies that The Word of God is TRUE! No one can be saved by The Law! It is NOT by Works, Not any works at All!

But as to the Elect that go by the way of the Grave, the Tomb is just a Womb that they will come forth from on the day of the resurrection!

Just as their bodies go into the womb of mother earth they will come out the other side unto Eternal Life or Eternal Damnation. Our Spirit man does the same thing, We fell to this Earth by the Serpent, but it was the passage that we came here to be placed in the Womb of Grace so we can grow inside of Grace and Knowledge till the time of our Bar Mitzvahs then at the Birth (Born Again) Our inner man comes forth from the Womb of Grace into the righteousness of the Image of its Father and then it takes it first breath (He breathed on them and said receive ye the Holy Ghost) and behold We are Alive forevermore!

Now our flesh is the Woman, This is why God gave grace to us, because we were carrying His Seed inside of us. And the Old Test. says” if a woman did not bring about the image of her husband, she had no inheritance”, so since we have borne the image of our heavenly Husband then our fleshly outer woman that carried His Image NOW has an Inheritance, and she becomes the Purchased Possession and becomes one with her lawful Husband again as the Law returns unto her and she starts conforming to His Will and Desires and merges into a Oneness with Him and that which was taken from the side of the man for reproduction Purposes is now placed back inside the man (The Body and Spirit become One!)

This is what is called, “The Ernest of Our Inheritance” This is the redemption of our Bodies! This Body becomes our inheritance, not in its fallen image, but in its restored image, a New Creature in Christ!

A Redeemed Body! Not some other superficial body that others make up and count this body as nothing. They have a revelation, but it does not line up with every scripture, but this one does! In Philippians it says this VILE Body will be changed into His Glorious Image! See NOT a separate body but it is a Changed, Redeemed Body! There body has nothing to do with redemption, nor a change! But it said, THIS VILE BODY! Paul said whether in my body or not I could not tell!

Calvary was the connection made so that Positive and Negative could meet together and create the Spark of Life, In this dimension neither one is Good or Evil, only in the mind of Man, the child like Mind of man, but once we mature we realize it was all for a Godly Purpose, and as I have said to many before

” Evil was Not Good, BUT the purpose of Evil was very Good”, so we see the necessary ingredients it took for God to reproduce Himself, why he told us to go to the light and stay away from the darkness and why He placed the Cherubim there in the Garden to guard the Tree of Life….Oh My…Glory…In one dimension the Spirit is the Tree of Life, in another dimension the Body is the Tree of Life! We have understood that the Spirit is Life and the Body as to the flesh was the tree of knowledge, but there is a much much greater revelation here if one can be spiritual and see and understand WHY God told us to stay away from Leviathan, The Flesh, keep this Jesus on the Cross, Kill it out! Oh Glory! Halleluyah!!!!

Is not the Spirit the Word and the Word was made Flesh? Does not Word give us knowledge and Understanding? The man gave the seed but is it not the Sinless Woman that carries The Child, and is Not the Child her inheritance!

Folks we have not even YET begun to touch the Revelation of Jesus Christ, we are still just little babies getting our precious eyes open!

We view everything we see by looking into a mirror of the carnal Mind and we are so sure that what we see is Real, but it is ALL in Reverse, The Kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU, Not in the Mirror! Break the Glass and bring on the 7 years of Tribulation and let’s redeem this Body!

The revealing of WHO YOU ARE! Not the man in the Mirror, You raise your right hand he raises his left!

Come to the Cross and Break that negative Image, see the Positive Image of the real You!

God suffered us not to come to the Body, for something great and mighty was placed in the realm of the Body as to this Outer man! Remember this…. “The Book was SEALED Within (Inward Man) and it was sealed Without (Outer man) Those Seals are the Spirits and revelations of God, The ones to the Inward man have been brought, broken open and revealed by The Great Messenger of The Covenant, But Those that were to the Outer man are just now being released and these are the 7 Seals that are to be opened that will be a manifestation to the World as to the Jews as to a great redemption to This Body!

This is The 7 Thunders beginning to speak! Secrets so Powerful, So Deep, So astounding, so Holy, So Godly that there will be F E W that will discover this! There will be few that will find this! There is but a few that will even dare to think the thoughts this Revelation will tell you and cause you to think! Only By the Faith of Christ can one dare brave this Journey! Only the strength and Love and Faith of Christ can one walk among the Stones of Fire, Touch that Bodily Ark, That New Creature called Leviathan and awaken Him and By the Word BRIDLE (Bride) (bride of EL) HIM and Put on The Very Body of The Lord Jesus Christ and reach your hand into the very Wrath of God risking your own Soul, and with the same Love he had for you that YOU would Love Him as Much and be willing to Suffer Hells Fury to Redeem Him Back and remove Him from that Cruel Cross! He cries Out to YOU!!!! Father (God) Why Have YOU FORSAKEN ME!!!

We became His Righteousness; He became every evil, wicked, lowdown, dirty, filthy, rotten, Sinful thought, word and deed of US! And God s WRATH has been upon Him every since! Now will you get on the cross and take Him Off? Will you redeem Him back! Will you forgive Him as he forgave You?

Oh My!!!! GLORY GLORY GLORY! Only True Children of God can ride this trial I am talking about, and yes there are some already on there way, a Journey has begun, one of a Greater Love than anyone has ever known! A Faith so mighty! A Forgiveness so Divine! A Journey so deadly, it could cost you eternity! Now Are YOU the One? Will that Little Glass Slipper fit you now? Do you even care to see if it will? Have you wrote all of this off as crazy talk, or has This Eagle Screaming as it fly’s through the heavens gotten your attention and you feel something swelling up inside as tears begin to fall down your face as you for the first time, hear the Loving Words of your Master Speak to you, Your Husband call your name, Your Father beckon for You? Are you beginning to flap your wings and here God say, Who can I send to redeem my Only Son, Who Can I send to take Him off that cross? And he hears back, “Here Am I, I Will Go, Send Me”! Amen PNDS



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